Minimally invasive prostate enlargement treatment vs. more minimally invasive treatment. GreenLight Laser vs. Rezum.


The GreenLight uses laser energy to vaporize prostate tissue. The obstructing prostate tissue is destroyed or removed at the time of the procedure.

Rezum uses radio frequency generated steam injected into the prostate tissue to bring about changes that will over time shrink the prostate tissue away from the channel men urinate through.

The effect of the GreenLight procedure is for the most part immediate. The effect of the Rezum occurs over time.

The Rezum is “more” minimally invasive because it takes less time to perform, nothing is cut or destroyed and essentially very little risk of bleeding. There is usually 2-4 nine second treatments with Rezum and the steam is injected through a small catheter by way of puncturing the prostate.

So…who should choose which?

You can do the GreenLight with good results on most any obstructive prostate. However is a patient has been in retention (can not urinate at all and has a catheter) or is having  significant obstructive urinary symptoms and is near retention…then the Rezum is not an ideal treatment. In this scenario the patient needs relief of the obstructing tissue now and not a slow resolution over time.

For that patient who would be a poor candidate for anesthesia, is having moderate prostrate enlargement symptoms, the prostate is moderately sized, and likes the option of an in office procedure, then the Rezum fits the bill. In other words if there is some time necessary for the steam to affect and open the channel then a patient with impending retention needs a procedure that the effect is immediate i.e. destruction of tissue at the time of the procedure. With the GreenLight no evolution of the prostate tissue is necessary.

The patient’s voiding history and the findings of cystoscopy will dictate the procedure best suited for the patient and the one recommended by the urologist.

Northeast Georgia Urological Associates offers both of the above forms of treatment as well as the traditional  prostate procedures. If you are having voiding symptoms due to prostate enlargement, you can contact us 24/7 using the form below. Include your phone number and we will call you with a time for your consultation.



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